SACREd Champions

As part of our work to develop and build new community relationships we are looking for people from churches and groups who are willing to:

•Promote Christian service and mission in partnership with SACREdplace.

•Encourage and increase the availability of Christian books, gifts, church supplies, Fairtrade and ethically sourced products.


SACREd Champion Commitment


A SACREd Champion will:

•Have the support and agreement of their church or group that they would like to receive a SACREd Box regularly throughout the year (minimum 3 times pa).

•Let the SACREdplace Managers know if any particular items or individual orders are required.

•Collect the SACREd Boxes from SACREdplace by mutual arrangement.  

•Take care of the goods so they are not damaged and monitor any ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ dates of food items, returning these in good time or informing Managers about any item nearing its end date.

•Sell items at events as agreed and collect the appropriate monies.

•Return any unsold goods and collected monies as convenient and by arrangement.

•Receive a 10% discount on all goods sold.

•Pray regularly for the mission and work of SACREdplace.


SACREdplace will:

•Support each SACREd Champion to choose items which are likely to sell, and offer any appropriate promotional materials.

•Pack the SACREd Boxes with goods as discussed and provide a printed ‘Stock Issue’ list of the items in alphabetical order, with retail prices for each, and clear information about discounts or special offers.

•Receive the boxes and monies on return, process (scan back) the returned items, issue an invoice, check and receipt the monies collected.

•Provide a regular review and be available for any discussions, ideas for development or concerns that the SACREd Champion may have about any part of the process or role.

•Pray regularly for the work and well-being of SACREd Champions.


If your church or group is interested in becoming a SACREd Champion, please contact Kathy or Carolyn at SACREdplace.